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Koh Ngai Resort, your dream destination, south of Thailand, paradise was found in this magnificent exotic beach resort, romantic jewel for serenity and privacy. Situated on the idyllic and pristine Trang Archipelago. It offers honeymooners and beach lovers the feeling and harmony of Andaman islands holiday,as well as a gateway to the unspoilt beauty of the Trang and Lanta Archipelagos.

Koh Ngai Resort offers a wide range of activities including Scuba Diving Lessons, Diving tours, Snorkeling, Sea Canoes, Daily Boat tours, Swimming and Jungle Trekking. But one of the biggest attractions is the short boat journey to the EMERALD CAVE, a miracle of Nature nestled inside one of the Islands. The Cave opens up into a Valley where you almost expect to see a Dinosaur.

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